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Marathi Shayari

In ancient times, a very knowledgeable peasant lived in one of the villages. He traveled a lot and read a lot of books. He liked working very much. He gets up in the morning before sunrise and he cultivated the field until evening. Some years they bought many products and some years few products. But he always kept being happy. Time has passed.

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One day he called his sons to his side and said:

– My dear puppies. Listen to me well. I have worked and worked for all these years. I always tried to look at you.

– Thank you daddy, the kids said. You set a good example for us.

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– My children, I want you to find the gold in our fields. For this, you need to dig the soil thoroughly. You will only find gold if you dig the soil well.

The children looked at each other. It was the first time that their father was talking about such a thing.

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– Get to work right now, the old man said. The children started to search immediately. They brought the gold on the field. They dug well. But they couldn’t find gold.

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– I wonder what my father meant to us, they thought.

One is:

– Since we dug so much, let’s plant wheat, our work is not wasted.

This idea is all enjoyed. They planted the field in unity.

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It turns out that the more the field is overturned, the more the product will be. Since the children dig up the soil well, the wheat was so much that year. They sold and earned plenty of gold.

When their father said, “There is gold in the field,” then they understood what he wanted to tell.

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– Thanks daddy, they said. You taught us something more beautiful. You explained how nice it is to work, to win.

They kissed their father’s hands. They continued to work in joy.

Love Shayari

 A poor shoemaker and his wife lived in one of the remote countries. The shoemaker was very kind. But because he was old, he couldn’t work as before. With the money they earned, they could only feed their bellies. 

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He bought a piece of leather with the last money he had. He left the skin of his shoes on the counter because it was evening. He went to sleep. He got up early the next morning as usual. He was very surprised when he looked over the counter. Because a pair of beautiful shoes were standing there. The shoes are so beautiful that a very rich person bought them. 

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The old shoemaker took the leather to make two pairs of shoes with the money he earned. He left the skins on the counter again and lay down. When he woke up, he found two pairs of shoes.

Romantic Shayari

The customers who came to the shop liked the shoes very much. They gave a lot of money and bought it. With the money he earned, this time he bought four shoes. When she got up in the morning, the shoes were ready. Days passed like this. The old shoemaker became rich. But he wondered who did this favor to them.

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One day to his wife:

– I am very curious about who helped us. I want to thank them. So let’s hide tonight. Let’s see who helped us secretly at night too, his wife said.

English Shayari

That night, they left the skins on the counter again. They started waiting quietly. At midnight the door opened. Two little men came in. They came to the counter and made shoes made of leather. They finished their work in the morning.

Friendship Shayari

The old husband and wife watched them with astonishment. They thought how they would thank them. Finally, they decided to sew clothes. After a couple of nights, they put the clothes they sewed on the counter. They hid and waited for the little men to come. Soon the door was knocked. 

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The dwarves were happy to see the clothes. They jumped to the jump. But they never came again.

The shoemaker and his wife were happy to think they thanked the two little guys. They never forgot them.

Sad Shayari

Once upon a time there was a cherry tree in one of the gardens. When spring came, first white flowers bloomed on the tree. Then the red cherries began to shake. The children ate the fruits of the cherry tree.

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After a while, moles settled in the basement of this beautiful tree. Worms sat around their roots. Ants started to wander around the trunk of the tree. Bees and birds have nested on the upstairs branches. He was bored with these guests who filled his cherry tree house one day. He said to them:

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– My dear guests! Tell me, how long will you be staying at home?

– This is our home, the bee said, viz viz. We will now always sit with you.

– No, said the cherry tree. You buzz and bother me. Then the moles dig up my soil. The squirrels roam on me. This is my house. The worm and mole started talking immediately.

sad shayari

– Dear cherry tree, thank you for staying in your home. But we also help you. We shed the soil you roots day and night. So you can easily root deeper. You’re improving.

The bees upstairs said:

friendship shayari

– Who is picking up the honey of your flowers? No honey would be taken from the flowers without us.

The birds said:

– Our merry voices would be bored alone if we didn’t have conversations, they said. Of course you have us good. But we have a benefit for you too, said the mole. Look around. Do you see anything that doesn’t work at all?

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Cherry tree thought. He deserved his friends. He learned that his guests were also useful for him. He thanked them. They never left the tree alone. They protected it from pests, kept their soil clean.

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